The health benefits of an Italian diet.

When you think of Italian cuisine we bet the first things that come into your head are an abundance of carbs (pizza, pasta, bread etc.) and all the mouthwatering desserts the Italian's are so famous for! In actual fact Italian food is Mediterranean and there are actually numerous health benefits of a mediterranean diet. Here, we explore some of them:

Keeping it fresh and avoiding processed food

Italians are known for cooking meals and preparing dishes completely from scratch. To do so, we use the freshest, finest ingredients including fruit and veg, seafood, olive oil, meat, wheat and pulses. If you're trying to eat healthy you're probably avoiding processed foods and most Italian ingredients are minimally processed.

Hearty, healthy Ingredients

Keeping an eye on heart health? It’s not all about melted cheese and carbs. Olive oil and seafood are staples in Mediterranean cuisine, and these both contain essential omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats, which promote a healthy heart. We can’t think of a better reason to enjoy a delicious Italian seafood dish this week!

Excellent sources of fibre

Most ingredients in Italian and mediterranean cooking are fantastic sources of fibre. Wheat for pasta and fruit and vegetables are only the basics. We add pulses, including lentils and beans into soups and main dishes as well as fresh herbs for flavour.

Dom's is a family run business in the heart of Manchester City Centre. Growing up in Italy, our chef's have an eye (and taste) for the Italian art of cooking! Our ingredients are locally sourced, bought fresh every day and made to order! For a taste of Italy, make a reservation at Dom's!

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